Hi there, I’m Jen Spaide.  Welcome to my kitchen!

My love affair with fresh food began when I was a little girl growing up in Maine.  Some of my earliest, and fondest, memories are of crunching into carrots straight out of my grandparents’ garden, scrambling fresh eggs from their chickens, and helping my great grandmother pick ripe raspberries.

Over the years, my passion for food grew to encompass a belief in holistic health and food-as-medicine.  So after college I went to graduate school and earned a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition.  My plan was to continue on to medical school and become the female version of Dr. Weil.  But that crazy thing called Life had another plan in store.

And that plan involved having my son, Koty, and going to culinary school.

In 2004, finding my bearings as a new mother gave me a whole new perspective on healthy living.  Suddenly it wasn’t just about making good choices for myself anymore, but about giving my son the foundation he needed to make healthy and sustainable choices for himself as he grew up.  This was Phase 1 of Life’s new plan.

Phase 2 was realizing that medical school was simply out of the question.  There was no way I was going to spend the next 6 years working 80-hour weeks to earn a medical degree that would require me spending another 10-plus years working 80-hour weeks just to pay off debt. I refused to be a part-time parent.  So I redirected.  And after a few twists and turns, I graduated from culinary school with a blossoming culinary career.

My world, quite literally, revolves around food.   I don’t eat to live.  I live to eat.  As a chef and whole foods fanatic, I love coming up with creative ways to make healthy food delicious and exciting.  And as a mother, I love getting my son involved.  He’s been my right-hand man since he was old enough to hold a wooden spoon.   And I’ve discovered that the kitchen is the perfect classroom to teach him the “whats” and “whys” of living a healthy lifestyle.

My hope is to inspire you to get creative in your own kitchen and help you make healthy choices for you and your family.

So come on in and get comfy…things are about to get tasty!